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I have frozen semen available from several quality Registered Belted Galloway bulls

Spring 2015

The cattle have been happy and productive. I will have several quality registered and appendix Belted Galloway bulls, cows, and heifers available for sale. 

All cattle are for sale, if not priced, make an offer. Packages available.

All cattle are mid-sized between 42-48" tall.

Belties for Sale

Registered Bulls


Black Bull

6 July 2013

Our smallest registered bull to date

and current herd bull

Erik x Madigan



Black bull

13 Oct 2014

Erik x Zena


Black Bull

18 Apr 2015

Erik x Labor

Erik the Red

Picture for reference only

Not for sale

Full-blood Cows and Heifers



black cow

12 Jun 2013

Erik x Labor

"Cookie" at side


black heifer

3 Apr 2015

Erik x Ayla

Unique bull's eye in full belt.

Betty Boop

black heifer

19 Apr 2014

Erik x Labor


Dun Cow

15 May 2012

Erik x Janie

"Bingo" at side

Labor Day

1 Sep 2007

Mismarked Full-blood

Always has fully- belted calves

Great mother, has adopted orphan calf

Makes tons of milk

"Chaos" at side


4 Aug 2008

Dun cow

Not calved in 2015 yet

Mother of Zena and Astra


5 Jun 2013

Black Heifer

Erik x Janie

Not calved yet

This pic is one year old,

will post newer one


Not for sale, picture for reference only!

Appendix and Grade Cattle

Appendix are half-blood or better with papers

Grade cattle have no papers


15 Jun 13

Half-blood appendix

Erik x Lowline cow

"Cinnamon" at side


4 Apr 2015

Appendix 3/4 red heifer


3-4 year old Grade cow

"Candy at side"

Valentine's Candy

13 Feb 2015

Appendix 1/2 blood


Feel free to call us and schedule a visit to the ranch if you are in the area. Thanks for your interest!   

Kris Gunn  253.439.0902     Email: Click Here 

Our Goal at Cascade Belties is to produce cattle that have the classic characteristics and conformation of the Belted Galloway, in a smaller size, best-suited for small farms and homesteads.

We are the owners and webmasters of and will post any cattle we have for sale on the sale page.

Frozen semen from several bulls is available for on this page.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.