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Co-worker giddy over Galloways
The Tribune-Democrat
They're called Belted Galloways. The breed comes from southwest Scotland and was

bred to flourish on the relatively poor pasturage of that region. ...

Rare cows to help maintain Warminster nature reserve
Wiltshire Times
The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has released 13 Belted Galloway cattle into Smallbrook Meadows nature reserve, near Warminster, to graze the former water ...


Southborough cows need a hand
Daily News Transcript - Norwood,MA,USA
By Evan Lips Breakneck Hill Cow Fund organizer and caretaker Laurie Bourdon says the "chips are down" for the town's beloved herd of belted Galloway cows,



Moo-ving in at Detroit Zoo: Cow with Oreo markings
The Detroit News - Detroit,MI,USA
The newest bovine resident at the Detroit Zoo, a 1-year-old belted Galloway steer named Dozier, made his debut this week.


Belted Beauties: Belted Galloway Cattle By Cherie Langlois

Jan 09 Article in Hobby Farms

With its weather-resistant coat and charming coloration, the Belted Galloway is a tough,

adaptable breed that thrives on small farms.


Belties are making a moo-ve
Teesdale Mercury - Durham,England,UK
A herd of Belted Galloways, often called belties, have been moved from a windswept ...

takes pride in sourcing produce from the estate and Galloway beef, ...